How to Order

We have taken every step to ensure that your shopping experience at monsooncraft.com is as convenient and intuitive as possible. If you have any comments or feedback for us, we greatly appreciate hearing from you and value your opinions.Incase you face a difficulty in ordering please email us at info@monsooncraft.com or leave your comments in the contact us section.

Before you start Shopping please understand  that  “All prices are quoted in US dollars”.and “All Sizes mentioned are in Inches”.

As per the guidelines of the RBI(Reserve Bank of India) online payments towards export of goods outside India are only Permissible upto 3000$ per transaction.Incase your order is more than 3000$ pls get in touch with us at our email info@monsooncraft.com and we will guide you how to proceed ahead with the purchase of goods from us.

 Browsing the Online Store

1. Your main guide to browsing the online store is to use the main navigation menu placed on the left side of your screen, which has the names of the different product categories (Pillow Covers, Curtains, Indian Bedding,Floor Pillows, Shawl,Bolsters and Sofa Throws).

2. To reach the landing page for each category, click on the title of that category. For example, to reach the ‘Velvet Bedspreads’  landing page, click on ' Velvet Bedspreads ' in the main menu. Once you reach a landing page, you can scroll and view the various product of each category on offer.  

Adding Items to your Shopping Cart

1. Once you see an individual item in this menu you may click on that item to get more product details, and closer images. A  ROUND  “Radio Button” is provided with each item ,click on the radio button to select the product you wish to add to your cart and fill in the number of items required in the quantity box.

Note:- You can only add products to your shopping cart  from one category at a time  however you may order multiple items of the same product category.

2. Once you add an item to your shopping  cart, it is displayed in the Shopping cart section which appears on the left side  of each landing page. After adding an item to your shopping cart  the same page is reloaded  from where you had  added the last item to your shopping cart. 

3.In order to view  a single  product from each sub category per page click on the heading ( The heading is displayed in Blue Color) of  that particular product and  you can view Detailed images with Detailed Description of each product.

4.The top of each product page has a trail which shows where you have been. To return to a previous page or subcategory, you can click on this trail which will bring you back. You can also go to the Left Navigation Bar under Shop Online to move to a different product category. You can continue to add items to your shopping cart until you are ready to Checkout.

Setting up an Account

1. In order to add items to your shopping cart and make a purchase, you do not need to establish an account , though you can enjoy value added features by creating your own account on Monsooncraft.com.

2. To set up an account you can Click on Register and Fill in your details that Would help us to contact you once you place an order with or to communicate various  special  Offers from time to time. 

3. You can also continue shopping as a Guest Shopper, and during checkout you will have the option of signing up for a new account.

4. It is advantageous to set up an account so that when you return again to shop you do not have to manually fill in your details everytime.

5.Once you set up an account without ordering you will only be able to log on once we have activated your account.Initially you will get a message that you account has been disabled.Upon activation by us you will be able to view/edit your profile.

 Reviewing and Changing the items in your Shopping Cart

1. You can review and/or change the items in your shopping cart at anytime.

2. To delete an item, simply click on the Remove button.

3. To change the quantity, simply change the quantity and click on update.

4. Your order value will be recalculated each time you change the quantity and click update.The order value is displayed as subtotal near the shopping cart icon.

Shipping Estimation

1. You may want to know the shipping costs before you check out,to ascertain the shipping cost for the location to be served, click View Cart on the top menu and all the items that you have placed in the shopping cart will be displayed.

2. Then Click estimate shipping costs and fill in the required fields.

3. Then click estimate and the Shipping Costs will be displayed just above the fields that you have filled in.

4.Then click select,shown right below the shipping estimates. You will now get the total of your Products including shipping and minus the discounts if any running at that point of time.

Find a Cheaper Shipping Method.

Due to the bulky nature of some floor pillows and throw pillows  you may experience that the shipping estimation is relatively high as the courier companies charge for volumetric weight over actual weight. So customers have an alternate option of having their orders shipped by registered post. Registered post is relatively cheaper but usually takes longer. If you really like something and don’t want to miss is then contact us at monsooncraft@gmail.com  or leave your information in the ‘Contact Us’ section and we will get back to you with a cheaper shipping solution.

Checking Out

1. Once you are satisfied with your order, you can start the Checking out process by clicking on “Checkout” on the Shopping Cart page.

2. The Checkout Section consists of 4 Categories namely Contact Information,Address,Shipping Method and Payment Method.

3. After you fill in your Contact Information then click SAVE.

4.After you fill in the billing address and the shipping address then click SAVE.

5.The next step is to Click Shipping method  upon which the cost of shipping will be displayed depending upon the intended Country where the goods are to be shipped.Click SAVE to go the next step.

6. The next step is the payment method which shows our Payment Gateway partner which is  PAYPAL.

7. Click PLACE ORDER and you will be directly taken to the PAYPAL website where you can enter your Credentials such as Name,Address, Credit Card number and your Payment will be processed in real time.

8. A follow up email will be sent to you with confirmation details.

9. Incase you face a difficulty in ordering please email us at info@monsooncraft.com or leave your comments in the contact us section.

10. Kindly note our website is designed to handle upto 75 Kg of products actual weight or volumetric weight.Once the combined weight of the items in your shopping cart exceeds this then you will get an error during checkout as follows" unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.Pls contact us and we will see about delivering to you."


1. You cannot ship one order to multiple addresses and need to treat each shipping address as a separate order.

2. Please note you cannot ship to a Post Office Box.

3. Please review all details closely and then click to confirm your order.

4. We never ask you for your Credit Card number by Phone,Fax or e Mail, kindly do not respond to any such attempts which are malacious in nature.