Product Details


Our textile selection is primarily made from Sari fabric,Velvet & Art Silk.

Sari is a traditional dress of women in the Indian subcontinent. A sari is a length of unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles. It is popular in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma and Malaysia. The most common style is to wrap it around the waist with one end and then drape it over the shoulder baring the midriff.

The last one and a half metre of each sari is usually heavier in terms of embroidery, embellishments and craftsmanship and is called the Pallu. To avoid wastage and keep costs low we use the Pallu portion on the backside of some of the Pillow covers, and this should not be mistaken as a manufacturing defect or a flaw in tailoring.

 The other materials used by us are Art Silk and Velvet. These materials are more durable and comparatively cheaper and affordable than pure or raw silk. However, we do undertake bulk production of special orders of soft home furnishings made out of  raw silk fabric too.

 Our stuffed items are either filled with cotton or Hollow Fiber. Low carved ottoman seats, bolsters and floor pillows are filled with cotton whereas the seating cushions on all types of sofas and day beds are filled with Hollow Fiber. However, on special requests cotton can be replaced with Hollow Fiber and the difference in cost is intimated to the client before hand.


Our shawl/Jamawar selection is primarily made from the finest quality viscose yarn. Each piece is hand loomed and utmost care is taken that each piece is neatly woven so that it meets our quality standards. We ensure that the best possible color combinations and traditional designs are used keeping in mind the prevailing international trends and at the same time giving each piece its unique Indian character.


What type of wood is used in making our furniture?

All our furniture is made from Shishum (Dalbergia sisso) and Kikar (Acacia) wood.

Shishum is rosewood, indigenous to India. It is a dense, heavy and durable hardwood and has characteristic alternating dark and light grains.

Kikar is also a dense and durable hardwood. This wood has relatively lesser grains and is prominently reddish or brown, and is primarily used to make furniture with lighter finish.

All our furniture is made from wood that has been kiln-dried and chemically treated using eco-friendly chemicals.


You might notice some cracks within the wood, knots, indentations or other superficial imperfections. This is because our furniture is hand-made and there are elements of that construction (filled nail holes, etc.) that can be seen upon close inspection. They blend in with the look of our furniture and add to the rustic charm.


Since the photographs have been taken under studio lighting conditions so the exact color match cannot be guaranteed on the textile products.Pls anticipate slight color variations on account of this.