Payment & Shipping


 Payment Method

Currently Paypal is our standard payment processing gateway.Paypal is a very well reputed online payment processing company and millions of people worldwide trust their services.

We never ask you to provide us your credit card details or payment related information.

The credit card/paypal/other payment information you supply  goes directly to its genuine relative payment processing company that is Paypal.


We ship all orders placed online by international courier. The method adopted to determine the shipping cost will depend on the country and location.  All orders are dispatched within 2 to 4 working days from the receipt of the order. However, in the case of custom orders it may take longer depending on the nature and size of orders.

There is a minimum shipping charge for each shipment for the first 500 grams, then for the next 500 grams a reduced rate is applied and so on for every consecutive 500 grams the same reduced rate is applied upto 5kgs,however if your package weighs more than 5 kgs then a special reduced rate is applied depending upon the destination country.Shipping charges are calculated when you proceed for checkout after you have filled your address and destination country.Shipping charges are recalculated  upon clicking update everytime  you make any changes to your ordered quantity.

Volumetric Weight.

In the case of bulkier items such as Stuffed Pillows, Bolsters, Seating cushions etc, volumetric weight is taken into account. This is calculated as follows:

Width x Length x Height in centimetres/5000 = Weight in Kgs. For example, if a package has a size of 55x45x50 centimetres with an actual weight of 15 kg, then the volumetric weight as per the above formula works out to be 20.62 Kgs. Then the shipping cost will be calculated for 20.62 Kgs. which is the volumetric weight instead of the actual weight.

Back ordered Products

We maintain adequate stock of all items at our warehouse. However, if some items need to be back ordered then a prior authorization is obtained from the customer and the merchandise is produced. Subsequently, a delivery schedule is intimated to the customer.

Shipment Tracking

E-mails containing the tracking number are sent to the customers once the package is registered on the website of the courier company. Customers can track their packages en-route till delivery.



We export Indian home furnishings around the world. Wholesale bulk shipments are based on container volume. Various options for importers in terms of container sizes are:

A.      40 Foot High Cube containers have a capacity of 76 cubic metres when empty.

B.      40 Foot Normal containers have a capacity of about 65 cubic metres when empty.

C.      20 foot containers have a capacity of 32 cubic metres when empty.

Freight quotations are invited from 2 to 3 different shipping companies and are forwarded to the buyer and it is left to the discretion of the buyer to finalize the Shipping Line he wishes to use.

Production Time

The production time is based on the size of the container in which the goods are to be shipped.  For a 40 foot Container a 45 days production schedule is needed to produce the required goods, whereas for a 20 foot container 30 days are required. 

Packing and FOB Charges

All products are packed and wrapped using export quality packing materials. The charges applicable are INR 90000 per 40 ft. container and INR 45000 per 20 ft. container. These charges include the transportation and customs clearance charges of the container from the inland container depot to the seaport of the intended vessel in India.

Air Cargo

Bulk Orders for home textiles such as pillow covers, curtains, duvet covers, bedspreads and shawls are also sent by air cargo. Competitive freight rates are sought from various airlines and the company offering the best services and timely delivery is used.

Custom Duties

There are no Customs Duties on export of home furnishing items out of India. Please check with your Custom House Broker as to what duties or taxes will the goods attract in your country before ordering.